Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sounds Reviewed #11/2016: Cave Bacchus - Destroyer of Naivetés (2016)

Cave Bacchus’ Destroyer of Naivetés mesmereyesed me on all mantratronic levels, conseequently eye treyed meye best to enter this maddening of the erectile while carrying headphones. Id contains or uncontains three folded, funny trinitarian sound worlds ur-deranged like borromean (k)not/ds, desiring machines or radiooscillating lacanian earrings (and yes, my lacanian ear still rings in a deep orgasmatronic tinnitus after listening to this again and again forced into a filo relecto (peregrinus ubique !) to fantaseyeze again and again). Anything circles around the three (pour rire, of course) in this try-an-gulation hear. Outfolding itself three folded circling around the three in a deeply diving threeabolic perichoresis immaterializing in Joseph Nechvatal (words), Rhys Chatham (sounds), and Black Sifichi (voice) - "semi-circular configuration eyes dance strewn with irises (...) in one cathartic expenditure (...) less ego more art (Nechvatal).

At once, once and for all three folded - written, spoken, set to music, ohr: it is simply a verbivocovisual inout-folding of Joseph Nechvatal's amazing erecticlectic, obseen, ink squirting 2015 book poem bearing the same title (Ah, logos spermatikos, neyes to hear from you again after all these years). I even pulled these three folded lacanian formula-gloves - also an anagram of ears, if you like trance-lingual forcings - R(hys)-S(ifichi)-I(osef) or I(osef)-R(hys)-S(ifichi) over my writing hand. Words gave birth to sounds, sounds became gloves handing over words to the ears and deeper towards the belly button (hey, omphalos !)- “genitals in hand (...) atmosphere dark and slumberous” (Nechvatal) - open for further re:joyce-ments: Lord help you, Maria, full of grease, the load is with me.

Id is in any case an ultra-interesting subtle escalation or coalescence of sounds, words, timbres and voices - “infinite transformative possibilities clothed only in the sound”(Nechvatal). To use John Barth’s words:escalation of echoing cycles into ascending spirals = estellation: the apotheosis of storys into stars”. And ohr Deleuze Guattari's "les forces d'un Cosmos énergétique, informel et immatériel". And Black Sifichi’s voice treyes to mirror or nail down all verbal microshiftings of Nechvatal’s proême from whispering, nervous babellings up to final orgiastic verbal f(l)ickerings and micro-stutterers:"disarray, disarray" (Nechvatal), la schize entre l’œil et le regard.

Accompaneared by the swirling, swelling, effulgent, haptophilic, hesitating, interstellar or retro-future-tronic, blanks-leaving and sometimes heavily uplifting, erecting or erected dionyseean sounds of Donnergott Rhys Chatham (Rise Chatham, rise !) de(ep)livering some kind of a much Younger Third Dream of the High Tension Line Stepdown Transformer circling cycling around - “waves of electronic energy and immaterial signals” (Nechvatal) - or tuba-trumpet-coloured-harmon-mutes sounds like in Nono’s late masterpiece Post-Prae-Ludium Per Donau (1987) trance-forming seamlessly into guitar-lyre-tronics and flute-like-twitters back and forth and vice versa letting “eyes dance to music of pipes and horns throngs of satyrs dance (...) into orbit around itself ecstatic in the generosity of self-loss (...) blackness begins to snicker with delight art as a vehicle for self-transcendence (...) spontaneously inventive vision a moment of  annihilation independently of time space” (Nechvatal).

(10/10 Admiration points)


(released on Entr'acte, August 2016) All quotes in orange font with (Nechvatal) are taken from: Joseph Nechvatal, Destroyer of Naivetés (New York: Punctum books 2015). Poem written by Joseph Nechvatal Poem performed by Black Sifichi Music by Rhys Chatham  Edition of 300 copies

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